Revoltec Neon LIGHT Twin-Set 30cm – UV – 12V

SKU: Revoltec Neon LIGHT Twin-Set 30cm – UV – 12V
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The definitive personalization of the PC: internal lighting.

Cold cathode neon lights are at the cutting edge in terms of light produced, small footprint and very low heat (practically zero!)

Simply put, they are the best you could want to illuminate the inside of your PC!

They measure 30x1x1cm and are very light, therefore with the supplied adhesive velcro you can stick anywhere in the case.

They are also very suitable for tight miditowers due to their small size.

Each Neon is supplied with an inverter and all accessories for mounting and wiring to the power supply connectors, a switch and an illustrated mounting guide are also supplied.

Technical data:

· Size: 313 x 15 x 15 mm (LxHxP)

· Diameter: 10 mm

· Light: UV

· Connection: 4-Pin Molex

· Absorption: 3 W

· Package content:
2x Cold cathode neon
Slot adapter with
double-sided Velcro Pad switch

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